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Top Smooth's Alpha Male Character

The alpha male, can be regarded as not so much the leader of the pack but the leader of himself. He doesn't have to have a crowd of friends around him who worship his ever-loving being. He simply needs to love himself, and for those around him to show the respect that comes with one loving himself.

When an Alpha Male walks into a room, he may be greeted by his peers. Keep a very essential thing in mind though, this is something I was confused with prior to my discovery:

The Alpha Male who "always gets the girl" will not be in as high of regards as the Alpha Male who's friend, who's friends with the girls he doesn't know, says "Smooth's a really cool guy. Everybody loves him, you should go talk to him".

This may sound semi-friend-zoneish. Keep in mind however, how the Alpha Male plays the conversation with the women will dertermine what the women thinks about him - what her friend tells him is only a backdrop.

It's better to be liked by all, and loved by a few, then to be loved by a few and hated by the risk due to arrogence. Let's say Smooth (me) and Bob (random made-up fellow) go to a party. I walk in, a guy screams "Smooth!" a bunch of girls say Hi, I smirk say hello to them and my friends proceed to talk about me etc..

Bob walks in, he's better looking then Smooth, but in turn he lacks a significant characteristic. When he walks in, he talks to all the girls, a few of his friends say hey to him. He see's a hot girl he likes, confronts her and starts conversation.

Bob is the leader of the pack, he beleives he is to superior to say hello to his friends - they say hello to him. His pack follows him and respects him in the regards that he is talking to mulitple women at the same time.

Smooth is the leader of himself, he beleives each and everyone deserves respect - and he is respected in turn. His friend's enjoy his company, his charisma. The girl he chose is attracted to him, guy's tell her how cool Smooth is.

It's my personal beleif that Alpha Male is sort of moot, in entireity, and the whole Alpha Male idea is a bad term created to try and explain guy's with a lot of confidence and charisma.

If your with a group of friends, let's say you and 4 of your buddies, a hot women walks by.... Your friend says hello to her and strikes up conversation.

He is merely the "alpha male" because he had superior confidence, and made a move first. To try and beat him out on this women is cockblocking, and unfriendly.
What's yours?
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