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Funny Patrick Jane Chibi - the Mentalist

Patrick Jane The Mentalist

Jane was raised by an emotionally abusive con man father to see all people as marks. He met his wife, also a carnie, and together they left that life.

He then earned a living as a professional (and fraudulent) psychic until Red John murdered his wife and daughter in retaliation for Jane's televised mocking. Jane now works as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation. He is brilliant at deduction, but also devious, arrogant, tactless, and occasionally childish and cruel. 

He annoys the team to the point of their taking turns going on field trips with him. The murder of his family left Jane devoid of much empathy and feeling.

Here is the funny chibi of an awesome patrick jane :

Patrick Jane is hard worker

Patrick Jane  is sweet, kind, funny, clever, and hot

Patrick Jane  is charming, sexy, funny,ingenious, 

Patrick Jane is so funny

really clever in what he does.

sly and has a seductive smile.

Patrick Jane  is so hot!!! :)

Patrick Jane is hard worker

 Patrick Jane has an awesome way of messing with people's minds 

Patrick Jane just friggin' awesome

Patrick Jane is funny, sweet, caring, smart, saracstic and gorgeous! 

Patrick Jane has a sense of humor & smart

Patrick Jane has to be so flippin smart!!

 Patrick Jane past is so heatrbreaking.

credit to : chizuru-chibi.deviantart.com

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