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5 Reasons To Be Excited For The Mentalist Season 5

With filming now underway on the latest season of the hit CBS procedural ‘The Mentalist’, I have decided to take a quick look at a few of the reasons to get excited for the September premiere. I could ramble all day long on just why the show as a whole is great, so I have limited myself to just five (of many) reasons to be excited, most of which are specific or new to the coming season.

1. Red John Information Is Coming

Red John Is still standing tall as The Mentalist’s central mystery after once again out smarting Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) in the Season 4 finale ‘The Crimson Hat’ (read my review here). The enigma of this serial killer and Patrick Jane’s quest to take him down has always been one of the most compelling plot lines in the shows armoury; it’s certainly the most important. This season, Bruno Heller is promising we’ll get closer to the great villain than ever, at least in terms of how much we know about him. Here’s what the show runner had to say in a recent interview:
“Jane and the CBI will be lead to some really important, concrete facts about Red John next season. There will be a cascade of information – how he operates, who’s with him and who isn’t, and what his game really is.”
These are the questions fans have been theorising over for years, so to get some answers will be brilliantly rewarding.

2. Lorelei Martins

The catalyst for this influx of information on Red John is the capture of his right hand girl Lorelei Martins (Emmanuelle Chriqui), who made her first appearance in last season’s finale and will appear in at least five episodes this time around. In just one episode Lorelei has already been established as an intriguing character, for which the audience should be very excited to see more of her.
A lot of questions remain unanswered: Just how much does she have on Red John? Will she give it up? How will Jane make her do so? Perhaps most importantly, how long will she last? Captured Red John lackeys don’t exactly have the longest life expectancy. It also remains to be seen just what sort of relationship she will have with Jane in season 5. After that wonderfully weird kiss on the forehead and the breaking of Jane’s 9-year celibacy back in May, it’s absolutely a question that needs to be asked.

3. New Characters: Federal Takeover

The Red John case went federal in Season 4, as Agent Susan Darcy (Catherine Dent) became embroiled in Jane’s web of lies after he shot the wrong man during the season 3 finale before luring out the real Red John in order to take down evil serial killer James Panzer AKA The San Joaquin Killer (David Paymer). Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for the Feds to get involved, such is the extent of Red John’s network – though perhaps that’s exactly why they’ve stayed clear until now.
This all came to a head in the back end of last season as Darcy and the FBI intervened once again, becoming involved in a car chase and shoot out with Red John’s limo, inadvertently killing CBI Boss Luther Wainwright (Michael Rady). The curse of the CBI boss strikes again. Their involvement will continue into next season as a team of three FBI agents is set to appear in a number of episodes. They are FBI Regional Director Alexa Shultz (Polly Walker) described as a ‘ferocious alpha female’, Agent Gabe Mancini (Ivan Sergei) who is ‘tough, handsome and hot headed’ and Reede Smith (Drew Powell) Mancini’s partner who is ‘quiet and smart, but young and disheveled’.
Exactly what their role will be in the upcoming season is not yet known, but I’m almost certain it’ll play a part in the Red John arc; especially after the man himself spoke of a ‘friend in the FBI’ during last seasons finale. Will that friend be present in this new trio of agents?

4. 100th Episode

Episode six of the upcoming fifth season marks the milestone of The Mentalist’s 100th episode! Little is known so far, except that ‘something special’ is planned and that it’ll be written by long time Mentalist writer Tom Szentgyorgyi and directed by the brilliant Chris Long. Put me down as ‘extremely excited’.

5. It’s One Of The Best Shows On TV

Excuse this last point for being non specific to the season ahead and maybe even a bit preachy, but The Mentalist, from its procedural case-of-the-week to its more serialized elements, really is one of the best shows on TV. I’ll save a rundown of the reasons why for a dedicated article, but I urge those who have not yet given the show a chance (for whatever reason) to catch up ready for Season 5. Those of you who, like myself, have been here all long and are waiting for new episodes with baited breath – fear not, there’s only fifty-four days to go…
What are you most excited about for Season 5 of The Mentalist? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
‘The Mentalist’ returns for more crime solving with the Season 5 Premiere ‘The Red Glass Bead’ in its new time slot on Sunday 30th September, at 10:00PM on CBS. Look out for my review shortly after.
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